Zack and Cody get grounded for rollerblading in the lobby, injuring Mr. Moseby in the process. When they find out a famous couple is getting married at the hotel, they buy a camera off Maddie to take a picture of the kiss that was rumored to be selling for 20,000 dollars. Zack sneaks into the wedding and takes the picture, only for Maddie, Cody, and Zack to be busted by Mr. Moseby. The boys are grounded again for another week after Carey finds out.

Note: This was originally the first episode of the entire series, as the episode style and layout was that of a pilot episode and many of the props used in the episode (such as Maddie's uniform or some furniture in the Martins' suite) were not used in future episodes. Additionally, Maddie has brown hair in this episode. An alternate version of this episode also aired with different cuts and extended scenes, including an an extended scene after Maddie and London talk and London says "Hold that elevator!" and more conversations between Zack and Cody when they are observing armpit hairs and when Carrie refers to the previous hotel accident.